WARNING Spoilers through Blood in the Water.
Adler Von Melhausen
Rank Kapitan
Service Republic of Real People
Seen Iron Gray Sea
Deadly Shores
Mentioned Storm Surge
Straits of Hell
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Captain of SMS Amerika

Kapitan Adler Von Melhausen commands SMS Amerika AKA The War Palace. Coming through a storm in WW 1 he is in his eighties and slightly senile.

He is introduced in the Epilog of Iron Gray Sea. Mentioned as being ill in Storm Surge. In Deadly Shores he participates in meetings and discussions, but almost loses the Battle of Grik City by prematurely moving SMS Amerika that had been tasked with rearming and refueling the PB-1B "Nancy"s by following Adar's orders instantly without thought to mission.

In Blood in the Water he takes command of SMS Amerika to attack Savoie and dies when she is sunk.

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