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Into the StormEdit

Flag of of United States (WW II) 48 stars

Forty-eight star flag of the United States the Destroyermen came with, later used as the Flag of the American Navy Clan

The Destroyermen series began with three United States Navy destroyers, in the company of two British vessels, fleeing Japanese vessels. The two British vessels and one US destroyer are sunk. USS Walker and USS Mahan, both World War I era four-stackers, engage the Japanese Amagi before sailing into a squall in an attempt to hide. While in the squall, both vessels transit to an alternate Earth where humans never evolved. Walker and Mahan separate and Walker encounters a huge vessel being attacked by smaller vessels resembling Indiamen.

Walker allies itself with the large vessel and sinks or drives away the foe. Matthew Reddy, the captain of Walker, learns that the occupants of the large vessel are normally peace-loving people descended from lemurs and that the foe in the East Indiamen are descended from dinosaurs. Walker accompanies the large vessel, named Salissa to a city named Baalkpan. After firming the alliance between the Americans and the Lemurians, Walker accompanies the armed Salissa on a mission to trap the dinosaur descendants, that the Americans have learned are known as Grik. The allied force wins the engagement, including capturing a Grik ship. From maps aboard that ship Reddy and his companions learn that the Grik populate Africa, southern Asia and India.

The Americans influence on the 'alternate earth' becomes profound and long lasting. Forming a permanent alliance with the Lemurian people, they introduce their culture, technology and sense of innovation to their allies.

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Flag of of United States (1847-48) 29 stars

Twenty-nine star Flag of the United States 1847-1848 probable flag of the 1847 transferees.

There are other Americans who came in 1847 known to the Holy Dominion as Los Diablos del Norte.

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