Battle of the Stones
Date July 1942
Victor Americans
Seen Into the Storm
Allies Americans (Matthew Reddy)
Lemurians (Keje-Fris-Ar)
Enemy Grik

The Battle of the Stones is one of the first major victories the Grand Alliance experiences during their war against the Grik Empire. It's intention was to capture a Grik vessel with the hope of gaining more knowledge on them. It was lead by Keje-Fris-Ar and Matthew Reddy.

Keje-Fris-Ar intentionally grounds Salissa a short distance off shore in the Gulf of Mandan. The intention is to make it appear that the vessel has been sunk. Ben Mallory flies reconnaissance in the PBY. Walker lies out of sight.

When the Grik naval squadron of Indiaman ships approaches Salissa, Keje-Fris-Ar opens newly-cut ports in the side of ship to reveal the ship's new addition of cannons. He and his crew engages most of the attacking ships and succeeds in sinking them. The remaining Grik assault troops try to attack 'Big Sal' (Salissa) by moving through the shallow water however they are mostly eaten by the voracious fish common to the area.

One Grik vessel attempts to escape. Walker engages the vessel and transfers a boarding party to it. A horrendous battle follows. It is during this battle that the alliance begins to understand that the Grik warriors do not understand the concept of surrender. As the combined American-Lemurian force fights its way through the hold of the vessel, they find a pen where Lemurians were being kept alive to be killed and eaten later as food rations. They also find a human skull (who the skull belonged to or where it came from is still a mystery).

Breaking into the cabin of the vessel, Reddy and his sailors find the Grik captain of the vessel who hisses at them then immediately commits suicide by using is sword to open his throat.

Two great prizes come from the battle. Firstly, the allies now have a Grik ship from which they can learn. Secondly, they find maps that suggest that huge numbers of Grik are yet to come and that the Grik fear the open ocean.

After note Edit

The captured Grik ship is converted into an alliance warship, now bearing cannons, now called the Revenge.

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