WARNING Spoilers through Devil's Due.
Becker Lange
Rank Kapitan-Lieutenant
Service Republic of Real People
Seen Firestorm
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Blood in the Water
Devil's Due
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Exicutive Officer (XO) SMS Amerika

Becker Lange is Kapitan-Lieutenant of SMS Amerika AKA the War Palace. He is Kapitan Adler Von Melhausen's XO. He is seen but not named in Firestorm rescuing Lt. Toryu Miyata. He is introduced in the Epilog of Iron Gray Sea. In Storm Surge he meets Captain Garrett on Deigo Garcia. In Deadly Shores he is seen in various meetings and countermands Kapitan Von Melhausen order to prematurely move SMS Amerika, tasked with rearming and refueling the PB-1B "Nancy"s, during the battle of Grik City this mistaken premature movement almost lost the battle. In Straits of Hell they use SMS America to evacuate the wounded. in Blood in the Water and SMS Amerika is intercepted by Savoie. Becker, three Lemurian crew cats, Adar, Gunny Horn, Lady Sandra, and Dianna are taken prisoner and SMS America is sunk. Only about a third of the passengers and crew are rescued. In Devil's Due after rescue by Dennis Silva he gunny Horn Poky Captain Brassy and several Khnoshie take a turret on Savoie. When the ship runs aground and most of the crew flee he leads a party to take the bridge and kill Contre-Admiral Raoul Laborde. He is killed eating Laborde's bullets, only Horn and Poky survive.

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