Warning Spoilers through Devil's Due.

Ben Mallory
Rank Lieutenant
Service USAAC
Seen Into the Storm
Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Devil's Due
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Pilot
P-40s on Ceylon Mallory's in foreground

P-40s on Lake Flynn in Indiaa. Painting (C) Taylor Anderson used with permission. The one with the 'M' is Ben Mallory's!

Ben Mallory was a lieutenant in the US Army Air Corps. He was travelling as a passenger on USS Walker when the destroyer became involved in a running battle with the Japanese. Mallory willingly served as an ammunition bearer during the battle. After Walker and USS Mahan passed through a squall and transited to the alternate Earth, Mallory was transferred to Mahan.

When Mahan separated from Walker, Mallory was friendly with the Naval officers. He remained so after David Kaufman, an Air Corps captain, became mutinous and took over Mahan. When a PBY was found and Kaufman ordered Mallory to fly to Ceylon for help, Mallory flew back to Walker and told Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy what had happened.

Mallory flew reconnaissance when Walker and Salissa were preparing to engage a Grik task force.

In Devil's Due the 3rd Pursuit Squadron fights the Macchi-Messerschmitts of the League of Tripoli. Only Ben and 2nd Lieutenant Niaa-Saa "Shirley" survive Operation Outhouse Rat.

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