Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.

Celestial Mother
Seen Distant Thunders
Deadly Shores
Mentioned Crusade
Straits of Hell
Species Grik
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relationships Tsalka‏, consort
Job Ruler

The Celestial Mother is both a title and name. This one was the ruler of all the Grik until killed in Deadly Shores. See Celestial Mother II for the Celestial Mother who follows her in Straits of Hell.

She was discussed by Tsalka‏ and Esshk‏. After the failure of the swarm in Crusade, Tsalka went to report his failure to her.

In Distant Thunders, the Mother received Tsalka, Esshk, and Hisashi Kurokawa at her palace on Madagascar. She was described as being three times the size of a common large Grik and immensely obese. She listened as Kurokawa explained that the only way to achieve victory over the Lemurians and the Americans was to change the entire culture of the Grik.

Taylor Anderson's Isak at the Gate

Taylor Anderson's "Isak at the Gate"

The Celestial Mother's head on a spear held by Isak Ruben scene from Deadly Shores by Taylor Anderson:

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