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The Destroyermen series revolves around a dilapidated World War I-era destroyer, USS Walker (DD-163), and her crew. Barely surviving a battle with a Japanese battlecruiser, Walker and her crew pass through a squall to an alternate Earth where they must triumph over a new evil, much more vast and vile than the Japanese could ever be.

Anyone wishing to help on this Wiki is welcome to help. Many pages need content for those loving research paper writing (just kidding) you get to know the books quite well skimming for information in the books to fill the page. Most editing is straight forward and easy. Adding a page is more complicated dealing with templates, so new comers to the Wikis are probably best editing and adding content to existing pages at first. After you register go to Special:Categories. The Categories of Battles‏‎, Books,‏‎ Characters‏‎, Locations‏‎, Military Units‏‎, Nations‏‎, Small Arms‏‎, Species‏‎, Terms and Slang‏‎, and Vessels‏‎ will allow you to find the pages of a similar kind quickly, and check if the page you want exists providing a link to it for reading and/or editing/adding content to the page. There are many smaller categories allowing you to narrow your search and even provide data for statistics in the case of Characters.

For the really serious contributors there is Wikia University @ where you can learn to make templates etc. And there is a new to the wikia beginner's tutorial for new bees.

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This wiki contains spoilers; virtually every page contains plot elements.

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