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Distant Thunders
Distant Thunders cover
Author Taylor Anderson
Book Number 4
Published 2010
ISBN 978-0451463708
Period March 1942 (Prologue)
March 1943—
Previous Maelstrom
Next Rising Tides


Off JavaEdit

In March 1942, two Japanese aircraft attempt to bomb a civilian US freighter in the vicinity of a squall in the Java Sea. Neither bomb hits, but one aircraft explodes and seriously damages the vessel.


In late March 1943, Captain Matthew Reddy sails from Baalkpan in the frigate Donaghey. He and others board Achilles and meet with Captain Harvey Jenks. Jenks is delighted that Rebecca Anne McDonald is safe and wants to leave immediately to return her to her parents. Becky refuses unless Jenks agrees in principal to an alliance between the Empire of New Britain Isles and the Combined Allied Forces. Courtney Bradford suggests that Becky remain until Walker is re-fitted and that Becky travel to her home with Reddy. Jenks reluctantly agrees and orders one of his other two ships to return home with news of Becky's safety.


Main article: Battle for Sing-aapore‏




While Commodore Harvey Jenks and Matt Reddy are out Commander Walter Billingsy attacks Baalkpan abducts Princess Rebeca Anne McDonald as well as Silva, Ex-Tasangri Lawrence, Abel Cook and Sandra Tucker. hearing word of this Matt writes to Adar " X to Adar COTGA X from MP Reddy CINCAF X No shame even the best hunter can step on a Viper X If Walker is not ready in Thirty (30) days to steam 10,000 miles and fight a battle I want all work on her stoped we dont have the resources to spare X he and Jenks than ride a Stakka to get back to Baalkpan

Talaud IslandEdit


Engagement at SeaEdit


Key CharactersEdit

Name Rank/Rating Service Position Assignment Race
Adar Chairman Alliance Lemurian
Walter Billingsly Commander IBN Political Officer HNBC Human
Courtney Bradford Civilian Diplomat Walker Human
Jim Ellis Captain Navy CO Dowden Human
Keje-Fris-Ar High Chief Salissa Lemurian
Fitzhugh Gray Chief Bosun's Mate Navy Bosun Walker Human
Harvey Jenks Captain IBN CO Achilles Human
Irwin Laumer Lieutenant Navy CO S-19 Human
Lawrence Companion to Rebecca Tagranesi
Rebecca McDonald Princess Human
Brad McFarlane Lieutenant Navy Engineering Officer Walker Human
Sean O'Casey Human
Sato Okado Commander IJN Human
Matthew Reddy Captain Navy CO Walker Human
Tamatsu Shinya Lieutenant Marines Deputy Commander Human
Dennis Silva Gunner's Mate Navy Human
Sandra Tucker Lieutenant Navy Chief of Medicine Alliance Human

Other Characters Edit

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  • Abel Cook
  • Hardee
  • Tassana
  • Linus Truelove


This book and Maelstrom are in the Combination book Fire on the Water.

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