Frigate Class square rig DD
Seen Maelstrom
Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Type Frigate square rig Destroyer DD
Loyalty Grand Alliance
People Cmndr. Greg Garrett Commanding

Matthew Reddy

Warning Spoilers through Deadly Shores

Donaghey was a sailing frigate designed and built on the alternate Earth.

Specifictions: Edit

The hull is 168 feet long, thirty three feet wide with an as built armament of twenty four eighteen pounders, twelve per side. 'Y' guns and depth charges, sonar, better radios including TBS, and a PB-1B for scouting have been added by Deadly Shores. On scouting trip from Baalkpan to NUS via Alexandria, 12x Maxim MG08 machine gun copies and 8x 12-pounders added.

Crew: 200 officers and men. The weight: 1,200 tons.

Construction Edit

Donaghey was built at Baalkpan in Maelstrom along with her two sister ships, Kas-Ra-Ar and Tolson. Once finished she was commisioned as USS Donaghey (DD-2).

Early Service Edit

Donaghey's first operation was the Battle of Baalkpan Bay. She was the only one of her class to survive without major damage (Kas-Ra-Ar was sunk, Tolson was badly damaged). Three weeks after the battle, at the beginning of Distant Thunders, she led the squadron of captured Grik vessels that intercepted the four ships of Commander Jenks of the Empire of New Britain.

Missions Edit

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