Warning Blood in the Water Spoilers.
Rank Captain
Service French Navy under the League of Tripoli.
Seen Blood in the Water
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships Under the command of Contre-Admiral Raoul Laborde
French Nazi Battleship Lorraine

Photograph of the French Battleship Loraine modified to resemble Savoie

Captain (?) Dupont commands Savoie under Contre-Admiral Raoul Laborde. He convences Laborde to stop SMS Amerika and capture Adar and Sandra Tucker Reddy. Unfortunately Kapitan Adler Von Melhausen takes command, and attempts to ram Savoie. Savoie then sinks her. Although the League of Tripoli representative Capitine de Fregate Victor Gravois presents apologies and a tissue of lies to Captain Matthew Reddy, 300 Alliance survivors contradict them.

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