Warning Spoilers through Iron Gray Sea.

New Britains
Key Characters Walter BillingslyHarvey JenksJames Silas McClainGerald McDonaldRuth McDonaldRebecca Anne McDonaldSean O'CaseyRajendraLinus Truelove
Locations New Britain IslandNew Ireland IslandNew Scotland IslandNew Wales IslandRespite‏ IslandSaint Francis
Vessels AchillesAjaxAgamemnonCaesarEuripidesIcarusTacitusUlysses
Gerald McDonald
Seen Rising Tides
Mentioned Maelstrom
Distant Thunders
Iron Gray Sea
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Ruth McDonald, wife
Rebecca McDonald, daughter
Job Governor-Emperor

Gerald McDonald theoretically ruled the Empire of New Britain Isles. However, the Honorable New Britain Company had so much control on the commerce of the empire that the company had more control than was desirable.

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Maelstrom Edit

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Rising Tides Edit

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Iron Gray Sea Edit

McDonald and his wife were assassinated by agents of the Holy Dominion.

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