Homo sapiens: One of four sentient races represented in the Destroyermen series. Humans are the only sentient race that are not native members of the 'New World' rather they appeared through a multitude of interdenominational phenomenons commonly known as 'The Squall'.

The known Human peoples (Civilizations) who have traveled through the interdenominational phenomenon into the 'New World' (in chronological order):

  • Malaysian tribes. Currently assimilated with the Konashi in northern Borneo.
  • Egyptian, Roman, African, and Chinese explorers who arrived in Southern Africa who now make up a portion of the populace of the Republic of Real People.
  • New Britians who arrived during a voyage during the 1700's that settled on what is commonly known as the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Spanish explorers who arrived in South America in the 1700's who now make up the entire populace of South America known as the Holy Dominion.
  • Slavic and Chezch mercenaries who arrived in Eastern Europe who now reside in Western India.
  • Americans who arrived in the Caribbean during the Mexican-American war during the 1840's. They now make up the populace of New United States.
  • The League of Tripoli who arrived from yet another alternate Earth in the 1930's who now reside within the Mediterranean sea and surrounding areas such as North Africa, Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia, and Italy.
  • The "Destroyeremen" of USS Walker and Mahan who arrived in the 'Dutch East Indies' during the 1940's during their escape from the Japanese navy during world war 2.
  • The Submariners of the American submarine 'S-19' during their escape from the Japanese conquest of the Dutch East Indies during the 1940's, they arrived at Talaud isalnd and have now assimilated with the American Destroyermen of USS Walker and Mahan in Borneo.
  • The Japanese sailors of the IJN Amagi who chased the USS Walker and Mahan through the interdenominational phenomenon during the 1940's in the Dutch East Indies.
  • Japanese sailors of the IJN Hidoiame who arrived in the mid 1940's.

Human equipment discovered within the 'New World': Edit

  • The USS Santa Catilina discovered in Sumatra.
  • A G4M1 found in disrepair in the wilds of Borneo.
  • A Bristol Beaufort discovered in Western Madagascar.
  • A half sunken ship from the 1920's-1940's discovered in the South Caribbean.