Indentured Servants were an underclass which existed in the Empire of New Britain Isles. Said population was draw from the Holy Dominion, being composed of slaves and refugees who were imported to the Empire by the Honorable New Britain Company.

The vast majority of Indentured Servants (and all that were imported) were female and were employed in a wide variety of fields from farmers to prostitutes to factory workers. The rationalization behind this was, that they must "repay their debts to the Company, who paid their transport expences", and their debts may be re-purchased by any individual or organisation. In practice Indentured Servitude was little different than chattel slavery; a lot of debt-holders use a practice to ferry their servants between islands, thus increasing the "transport expences" and making their "debt repayment" virtually perpetual. It must be noted, hovewer, that the childrens of indenturned servants were granted full Imperial citizenship.

Indentured Servitude was abolished after the Dominion started a war with the Empire.

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