Warning Spoilers through Storm Surge.

James Silas McClain
Rank Admiral
Service RN
Seen Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Admiral-in-Chief

James Silas McClain effectively commanded the Imperial British Navy. He resented the trust placed in Matthew Reddy by Governor Gerald McDonald. He disliked Lemurians unlike his name sake.

In Firestorm he delays the fleet heading East and is relieved by Harvey Jenks.

In Iron Gray Sea he participated in the bomb plot killing Governor-Emperor of New Britain Gerald McDonald and his wife.

In Storm Surge he is hung.

See Salig-Maa-Stir for the Sailing Master of H.E.I.C ship Hermione that with two other transferred to the Destroyermen's world in the early 1700s, and teacher of Siska-Ta. A friend to the Lemurians he went on to help found the Empire of New Britain Isles also named James Silas McClain.

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