Jim Ellis
Rank Lieutenant
Service Navy
Seen Into the Storm
Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Executive Officer, Walker
Captain, Mahan
Captain, Dowden
Captain/ Commodore, Dowden
Commodore aboard USS Santa Catalina

Jim Ellis was the original Executive Officer on the USS Walker in Into the Storm. Shortly after both the Walker and the USS Mahan pass through The Squall, he assumes command of the heavily damaged and under crewed Mahan, whose command crew had been killed by a direct strike to the bridge deck from the IJN Amagi. He was shot in the leg by Army Air Corps Captain David Kaufman who took command of Mahan. After recovering from a bad fever he encourages Army Air Corps Lieutenant Ben Mallory to take the PBY they had found to find Walker.

Crusade: Edit

We learn Kaufman, scared by a mountain fish as he attempted to sail to Ceylon, leads a party to find water. The party is captured and eaten by the Grik. Jim is again Captain of Mahan they escape the Grik using a smoke screen. They sail to Aryaal / B'mbaado where, out of fuel, they burn wood in one boiler to keep electric power. Walker arrives and loses the blade off a screw. They refuel Mahan from Salissa then remove one of Mahan's screws and then Mahan sails to Baalkpan where repairs are started and Lemurians are added to her crew.

Maelstrom: Edit

Mahan is disguised as Walker including the bow number and a fake stack.

In Storm Surge, Ellis is killed aboard the Santa Catalina against Grik Ironclads.

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