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Kurokawa's Japanese Empire in Zanzibar
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Type Island home of Hisashi Kurokawa's Japanese and Grik
Location East coast of Affrica Nor-North-West of Madagascar
Inhabitants General of the Sea Hisashi Kurokawa, General of the Sky Hideki Muriname, Lieutenant of the Sky Lieutenant Iguri, Commander Riku Ordinance, Radio man Lieutenant Fukui.
Zanzibar Objective Outhous Modified Map

Objective Outhouse (Zanzibar) Map by Oberleutnant Walbert Fiedler as modified by Dennis Silva. (C) Taylor Anderson used with permission.

Kurokawa's Japanese Empire in Zanzibar know to the Grik as the "Nest of the Jaaph Hunters" is an island on the east coast of Africa North-West of Madagascar. First mentioned in Distant Thunders. It was once a territory of the Celestial Realm however it has been ceded to the Jaaph Hunters by the Celestial Mother and has since became the homeland of Hisashi Kurokawa's Japanese Empire.

The Japanese Empire in Zanzibar is ruled by Hisashi Kurowaka and his two-hundred (approximately) Japanese subordinates. The most numerous population of the island are the Grik Uul workers and worriers (gifted to them by the Celestial Realm) who are subservient to the Japanese.

The island acts as Kurokawas main operating base, composed of multiple shore and anti air batteries, three airfields, and three naval ports. From here he planned to destroy the Grand Alliance, conquer the Grik of the Celestial Realm, expand his territory and proclaim a new Japanese Empire on the New World naming himself emperor.

External politics Edit

Union of Homes - State of war.

Celestial Realm - In an uneasy but prosperous and somewhat stable alliance.

Empire of the New Britain Isles - State of war.

Holy Dominion - Aware but no official relations have been made.

New United States - No official relations.

Czech Legion - State of war.

League of Tripoli - In an uncertain alliance.

Republic of Real People - Aware and hostile but not in an official war.

Shogunate of Yokohama - Aware and hostilities are presumed however no direct contact has been made.

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