League of Tripoli
Seen Straits of Hell
Blood in the Water
Mentioned Deadly Shores
Type Nation
Location North Africa, toeholds Spain, France, Italy
Inhabitants transfered alternate world/history humans
and indigenous beings

League of Tripoli banner.

The League of Tripoli is made up of an invasion fleet transfer from an alternate world/history of axis powers, called Confédértion États Souverains in the Alternate world, including Fascist Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Mentioned but not named in Deadly Shores. They were responsible for the capture and subsequent disappearance of Lemurians comprising the guard force for Santa Catalina in Rising Tides. As a consequence, the alliance's use of the Lemurian language in the clear as a code has been compromised by the League by using the captured Lemurians as language instructors for League personnel.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The location of League home territory is currently unknown. The name suggested that the League is largely the Mediterranean power, with the majority of land claims in North Africa there are also areas of southern Europe (IE Spain, France, and Italy) controlled.

The League have several covertly maintained outposts outside the Mediterranean, like the naval base on Christmas Island near Java, and another installation on Ascension Island.

Economic[edit | edit source]

Nothing is currently known about the economic or industry of League.

External politic[edit | edit source]

The League maintain somewhat peculiar external politic. They are reluctant to participate in any sort of binding agreement or engage in direct military actions: instead, they prefer to avoid direct involvements, using their vast data network and force demonstrations as methods to obtain results. For example, the League send battleship "Savoie" to intimidate the capital of Republic of Real People and - by hinting at the possibility of the use of force - slow down their military preparations, but actually the "Savoie" was forbidden from provoking the military conflict.

Their plan is to get potential opponents to fight and destroy each other, thus destroy potential rivals. They tend to use their force to prolong the fighting doing the maximum harm to potential rivals.

The known external relations of the League are:

The League have no direct diplomatic contact with Grik Empire or Empire of New British Isles. They are in the process of abandoning the Indian Ocean, and likely being at war with the Grand Alliance at the end of Blood in the Water.

Military[edit | edit source]

The League possessed probably the largest known supply of off-world military equipment in the Destroyermen World. Being initially the invasion fleet, they have a large number of ground troops, weapons, ammunition, warships, and aircraft.

Army[edit | edit source]

Nothing is currently known about League's army, except that the majority of ground troops are Spanish, and they have both the French, Italian, Spanish and German aircraft and armor forces.

Navy[edit | edit source]

The majority of League's ships are stated to be French origin, but it was also stated that the most modern and capable units are Italian. Capitine de Fregate Victor Gravois mentioned that League didn't have any aircraft carriers, but considered it's possible to obtain one, probably by rebuilding of some other ship.

Currently only four League-flagged ships became known and one was mentioned.

Air forces[edit | edit source]

The League possessed a relatively large air force, composed of off-world planes. They haven't the industrial abilities to produce more modern planes: it's currently unknown, have they any local-produced aircraft.

Currently several classes of League's aircrafts are known:

  • Ju-52 transport/bomber - used for diplomatic missions, eventually "leased" to Alliance.
  • Macchi-Messerschmitt fighter - German/Italian fighter aircraft, generally considered to be comparable with Bf-109 Messerschmitt fighter. Six units were "leased" to Kurokawa.
  • Ju-87 Stuka bombers - known to exist in relatively large numbers.
  • Italian trimotor bombers (presumably SM.79) - known to exist in some numbers.

Persons of Note:[edit | edit source]

Aspirant Gilles Babin French, assistant to Capitine de Fregate Victor Gravois Zanzibar representative [SoH Hb. p xix]

Teniente Francisco de Luca Italian, assistant to Maggiore Antonio Rizzo radio operator, navigator, co-pilot trimotor Zanzibar representative [SoH Hb. p xix]

Oberleutnant Walbert Fiedler German, pilot of the JU-52 bringing the Zanzibar representatives[SoH Hb. p xix]

Capitine de Fregate Victor Gravois French, leader of the Zanzibar representatives[SoH Hb. p xix]

Contre-Admiral Laborde French Navy, Commander of Savoie[SoH Hb. p 131]

Commandante Fidel Morrillo Spanish Nationalist Army, Zanzibar representative [SoH Hb. p xix]

Morrisette French Navy officer on Savoie [SoH Hb. p 131]

Maggiore Antonio Rizzo Italian, Zanzibar representative [SoH Hb. p xix]

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