Lemurian Glossary: Edit

  • Alex-aandra: Loan word for the capital city of the Republic of Real People
  • Aryaal: City state on Java where modern Surabaya Java is.
  • Ay: of or of the [ItS P. p. 181]
  • Baali: loan word from British East Indiamen, the island of Bali.
  • Baalkpan: loan word from British East Indiamen. Balikpapan, Borneo.
  • B'mbaado: Island kingdom near Aryaal, Java, and also the name of the capital city.
  • Borno: loan word from British East Indiamen for for the island of Borneo.
  • Chill-chaap: loan word from British East Indiamen,Tjilitjap Java.
  • Chi-kaash: hell [ItS Pb. p. 350].
  • Felucca: Lemurian fishing boat with fore and aft sail.
  • Fil-pin Lands: or Fil-pin Islands loan word from British East Indiamen for the Philippine Islands.
  • Gaararro: Tidal wash or tidal wave [RT Pb. p. 394].
  • Gri-kakka: ‘pleezy-sores’ the pliosaur air breathing aqutic reptile some with short necks some with long necks. [ItS P. p. 182]
  • Grikoshai or “Grik Smasher” the Lemurian term for the Mk-II tank. [POF Hb.  p. 254]
  • Gri-maax:Super Lizard’ the Allosaurus of Borneo [FS Pb. p 243]
  • Inaa Araang: Rivet Drivers also name of Baseball team in Maa-ni-la [SS Hb. p 1].
  • Itaa Lemurian for nose thus USS Itaa [ROB Hb. p. 134]
  • Jaava: loan word from British East Indiamen, Java.
  • Maa-ni-la: loan word from British East Indiamen, Manila in the Philippines.
  • Mada-gaas-gar: Loan word from the Destroyermen for the island of Madagascar.
  • Me-naak: riding animals originally from Japan but bred in the Fil-pin lands. They look like a long legged crocodile. Their legs are shaped like a dogs. Their skin like a rhino pig's thick and with bristly hair. They have a heavy plywood thick case protecting their vitals. Me-naaks are called 'meanies' by the Destroyermen. Their jaws are usually strapped shut and, they make fine cavalry mount as long as the trooper does not mind his mount's fondest wish is to eat him [DT Pb. p 102-103].
  • Mi-Anakka: the people IE. Lemurians [ItS P. p. 181]
  • Nugli Woodworm: a worm species that eats wood from the inside out [F. Pb. p 73].
  • Paalka: herivorus marsupial draft beast from the Fil-pin lands called Pack Moose by the Destroyermen about one and half time the size of a Belgian draft horse [DT Pb. p 102].
  • Polta: fruit pear shaped fruit grown  by Lemurians used to make Seep and the antibiotic Polta Paste. [ItS P. p. 192-3]
  • Ris Lemurian for chin thus USS Ris [ROB Hb. p. 194]
  • Saa-lon: loan word from the Destroyermen for Ceylon see Ceylon (Saa-lon).
  • Seep: and intoxicating drink made from polta fruit, also used as pain killer and antibiotic [ItS P. p. 181].
  • Sing-aapore: loan word from British East Indiamen for Singapore.
  • Strakka: a bad storm worse than a typhoon [C Pb. p. 221].
  • U-Amaki: chief, high chief, captain, or leader [ItS P. p. 181]

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