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Maelstrom cover
Author Taylor Anderson
Book Number 3
Published 2009
ISBN 978-0-451-46253-4
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Next Distant Thunders

Maelstrom is the third book in the Destroyermen series.


With the Discovery of Amagi by the PBY Matthew Reddy Steams back to Baalkpan to discuss his new expidition to the Fil-pin lands. meanwhile Mahn leaves to B'mbado to try to rescue survivors which include Princess Rebeca Anne Mcdonald the heir to the imperial throne, Sean O'Casey and Tasangri Lawrence all culminating with the battle of Baalkpan Bay in which the Grik with Amagi's help siege Baalkpan in an attempt to end the Lemurian alliance. the Allies prevail but at a terrible cost Mahn is sunk after ramming Amagi and Walker sinks at the dock after Amagi is sunk by the stray Mk-6 mine.


Key CharactersEdit

Name Rank/Rating Service Position Assignment Race
Pete Alden General Marines Commander Marines Human
Courtney Bradford Civilian Diplomat Alliance Human
Jim Ellis Lieutenant USN CO Mahan Human
Safir Maraan Queen Protector B'mbaado Lemurian
Brad McFarlane Lieutenant Commander Navy Engineering Officer Walker Human
Nakja-Mur High Chief Baalkpan Lemurian
Matthew Reddy Lieutenant Commander Navy CO Walker Human
Chack-Sab-At Captain Marines CO 2nd Marines Lemurian
Tamatsu Shinya Major Marines XO Marines Human
Sandra Tucker Lieutenant Navy Medical Lead Alliance Human

Other CharactersEdit

Main article: Maelstrom/Characters



This book and Distant Thunders is in the Combination Book Fire on the Water.

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