Warning Spoilers through Iron Gray Sea.
Mizuki Maru
Seen Firestorm
Iron Gray Sea
Status Sunk
Type Converted freighter
Loyalty Shogunate of Yokohama
People Sato Okada
Lieutenant Hiro XO

Unnamed cook only original crew member.

A former hell ship transporting allied POWs from the Philippines to the Japanese home islands, the Mizuki Maru transitioned to the Destroyermen Earth in company with an unnamed oil tanker, and the Kagero class destroyer IJN Hidoiame. Abandoned following the massacre of Ani-aaki, the Mizuki Maru was salvaged by  Seii Taishogun Sato Okada and sailed to Manila in an effort to warn the Grand Alliance about the threat of the Hidoiame.
Junyo Maru

Junyo Maru the ship Mizuki Maru was disguised to look like. Junyo Maru was a real hell ship (POW transport ship) of WW II.

The Mizuki Maru was subsequently repaired and converted into a Q-ship, for the purpose of bringing the Hidoiame to justice, being equipped with light armor and a battery comprising

4 x 5.5" cannons recovered from the Amagi

8 x 25 mm, also recovered from the Amagi

While it was successful in tracking down its prey, the Mizuki Maru was lost with all hands after being struck by a Long Lance torpedo, though not before landing several telling blows with its main battery.

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