Warning Pass of Fire Spoilers.
NUSS Zachary Taylor
Seen Blood in the Water
Pass of Fire
Status Sunk in Pass of Fire
Type Two gun deck Ship of War steam/sail [Holland Class?]
Loyalty New United States
People Commodore Semmes, Ulysses Locke, Admiral Duncan
Flag of the New United States 1847 Americans

NUSS Zachary Taylor a steam/sail two-deck liner of the NUS navy, armed with 54 guns the largest being six inch eighty-pounder rifles. Captain/Commodore [?] Semmes [BITW Hb. Chapter 18] Lieutenant Ulysses Locke has a long conversation with Fred Reynolds and Kari-Faask.

In Pass of Fire she is sunk with the other warships of the New United States Invasion Fleet. She was Admiral Duncan's flag ship.

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