GNS Nachi.png
Seen Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Blood in the Water
Status Afloat
Type steam ram cruiser
Loyalty Grik under Kurokawa

Warning: spoilers.through Blood in the Water.

Nachi was Converted into the improved version between Deadly Shores and Blood in the Water. Kurokawa continued to use it as his Flagship.

The IRIS (Imperial Regency of India Ship) Nachi is one of the steam ram cruisers designed by Kurokawa after the first Japanese ironclad. Built by the French the last Confederate Ironclad Stonewall that became Japan's first ironclad first reamed Kōtetsu (甲鉄?, literally "Ironclad"), later renamed Azuma (東?, "East") Azuma is the name seen in the books. See for photos and more information on historic ship.

Kurokawa escapes the destruction on his fleet at Madras aboard her in Storm Surge. Three ironclad BBs are sunk by Walker and Mahan.

He arrives in Cochin aboard her in Deadly Shores she was accompanied by her Sister ship GNS Tatsuma, a third sister, lost power and was driven ashore in the storm.

In Blood in the Water Kurokawa is continuing to use IRIS Nachi as his flagship, and watches the destruction of two of his three carriers from her. [BITW Chapter 30]

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