Warning Spoilers through Maelstrom.

Nakja-Mur (High Chief)
Seen Into the Storm
Mentioned Distant Thunders
Species Lemurian
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job High Chief, Baalkpan

Nakja-Mur was the high chief of Baalkpan. He is described as being enormously fat, but with powerful arms. He eased the acceptance of the Americans by the land-based Lemurians.

The stress of preparations for the defence of Baalkpan, the knowledge of the hideous nature of the Grik foe & fear for his people weighed heavily upon Nakja-Mur, causing a visible wasting of his body.

During the denouement & climax of Maelstrom, he suffered a fatal heart attack, dying at about the same time as his Sky Priest Naga, & the Sacred Tree of Baalkpan.

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