P-1 Mosquito Hawk
Seen Iron Gray Sea
Type Fighter Bomber
Loyalty Union

The P-1 Mosquito Hawk or "Flea Shooter" is the primary fighter of the Grand Alliance. It holds only one crew member (the pilot) and It contains a single 5 cylinder radial engine with 254hp which is capable of a max speed of around 220mph. It is also armed with twin .45 caliber "Blitzer Bug" machine guns in the landing gear.

The P-1 was created after the Pb-1b "Nancy" and is more technologically advanced than it as well, but also more complex leading to fewer numbers. It was first flown by Ben Mallory at Baalkpan and proved to be an initial success, few adjustments have been made to it since. Due to it lacking floats, its area of operation is limited unlike when compared to the Pb-1b, but since the introduction of the newer aircraft carriers, from converted floating homes, its presence at the front has increased, however only in the western front. Its main role is ground support much like the Pb-1b, however it is capable of being much more aggressive than its counterpart. It has also been proven to be a much greater interceptor as well, primarily against Grik Dirigibles.

P-1B Edit

The P-1B is the same as the above except it is fitted for carrier operations.

P-1C Edit

P-1C by Taylor Anderson

The P-1C with two stacked 5 cylinder radials 10 Cylinders total and two .30 Browning MGs is an improved flea shooter. First mentioned in Straits of Hell stats not yet available.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life the P-1 Mosquito Hawk strongly resembles, as the book series describes, "A cross between a P-26 Peashooter and a P-36 Hawk" with more favorability to the P-26. However, to be more specific, it more resembles the real life YP-29A.
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