The P-40E Warhawk came to the world by means of the Santa Catalina when it entered the squall. The shipment of aircraft was discovered by Ben Mallory upon entering the cargo hold. Only a number of the P-40s were operational and a few more had problems (one P-40 having problems with the retracting landing gear, which was later converted into a trainer). The majority of the Warhawks were transported to Baalkpan in which they served. The majority of them had two of the six .50 calibers removed due to being deemed unnecessary and more valuable elsewhere in the war.

P-40s on Ceylon Mallory's in foreground

Colonel Ben Mallory's 'My' P-40E in foreground and his wing man Snuffy's P-40E at airfield near lake Flynn. Note bloody lips on Snuffy's plane. Painting from Taylor Anderson's site picture gallery

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