Pete Alden
Rank Sergeant
Service USMC
Seen Into the Storm
Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Living

Pete Alden was a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps serving on the USS Houston. He was wounded in the leg and transferred to USS Walker.

Key Events Edit

Into the Storm Edit

Alden was aboard USS Walker when it entered the squall and transited to the alternate Earth. After Alden's leg healed, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy, Captain of Walker, assigned him to train Lemurians to function as marines in combat at sea. Alden's Marines helped board and take the Grik vessel attacked by Walker.

Crusade Edit

Reddy promoted Alden to captain in the alliance Marines. He led his troops at the Battle of Aryaal, in which they seemed to face utter defeat at the hands of the Grik until reinforced by warriors of B'mbaado and by warriors exiled from Aryaal.

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