Warning Spoilers through Pass of Fire.
Seen Storm Surge
Pass of Fire
Mentioned Deadly Shores Character List
Straits of Hell Character List
Species Grik
Gender Male
Status Decesed

Pokey was an unnamed Uul warrior at the Battle of Aryaal who was spared after his surrender and later recruited into King Rasik-Alcas's guard. He was later chosen to join the Corps of Discovery under Ensign Abel Cook along with a few other Grik combatants who surrendered along with himself. It was during this time that many within the Corps of Discovery noticed his simpleton attitude. Lawrence eventually expresses his belief that he is indeed mentally handicapped and was thus regulated to the duty of picking up spent casings in Storm Surge. All of the other Grik who were originally captured with him die in a Super Lizard Attack. Although he survives his ordeal with the Corps of Discovery little is known as to what happened to him afterward though he does appear in the lists of allied personnel among the Khonashi through Straits of Hell.

In Pass of Fire Pokey's head torn off by one of the Celestial Mother II's sister guards after he ran to the Celestial Mother following her pheromones. [POF Hb. p. 308]

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