Respite Island
Seen Rising Tides
Type Island
Location Eastern Sea

Respite Island was the first landfall of the two surviving ships of the Honorable East India Company. Some of the passengers on the ships remained there while the vessels proceeded on the what would become the home islands. The residents of Respite Island had considered declaring their independence from the Empire of New Britain Isles. Walker and the British ships with her stopped at Respite to refit and resupply.

Respite Island has became the main refueling stop for ships and aircraft between Maa-ni-la and the Empire of New Britain Isles and an important message transfer node between them.

On his return from the East Captain Matthew Reddy and Sandra Tucker stop at Respite Island to marry and honeymoon.

Respiteians of Note: Edit

  • Governor Radcliff
  • Emelia Radcliff
  • Bishop Akin Todd
  • Lt. Busbee Cutter Pilot
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