Seen Into the Storm
Status Combat loss
Type East Indiaman
Loyalty Grand Alliance
People Rick Tolson, Captain
Kas-Ra-Ar, Sailing Master
Crusade Illustration

Illustration from Crusade, lower left drawing shows the end of Revenge.

Revenge was a former Grik vessel of the East Indiaman style taken in combat with the Grik. Her original name was unknown.

Grik Indiaman

Interior of a Grik Indiaman from Taylor Anderson' site picture gallery

Key EventsEdit

Into the StormEdit

The Grik vessel was engaged and boarded by Walker and her crew. She proved to be a valuable source of Grik naval charts. Allied warriors who boarded the vessel found a larder of Grik and Lemurian bodies waiting to be consumed. They also found one human skull and a living Lemurian who appeared to have gone insane.


The restored and renamed Revenge led the naval attack against the Grik in B'mbaado Bay by sailing into the bay as if she were still a Grik vessel and ambushing the Grik ships stationed there, sinking many.

Matthew Reddy ordered Revenge to reconnoiter eastward toward what would have been Singapore. After surviving a typhoon, she encountered a Grik fleet accompanied by HIMS Amagi. After offloading six of his crew with injuries to the PBY, Rick Tolson and the remaining crewmen engaged the Grik fleet with the assistance of the PBY, they then blew up their ship to avoid having its guns captured by the enemy.

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