Warning Spoilers through River of Bones.

Seen Into the Storm
Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Devil's Due
River of Bones
Species Lemurian
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relationships Chack-Sab-At, brother
Job Wingrunner

Risa-Sab-At was a wingrunner on Salissa.

Key EventsEdit

Into the Storm:Edit

Risa was first introduced in Into the Storm along with her brother Chack-Sab-At. Her "relationship" with Dennis Silva was something the crew of Walker had always laughed about. Risa corrected her brother's initial identification of Walker as being a Grik vessel. She later fought in the battle against the Grik in the Jaava Sea.

Devil's Due: Edit

Risa was with Chack during Operation Outhouse Rat and blamed herself for the near fatal burning of Major I'joorka.

River of Bones: Edit

Risa was part of Task Force Gri-kakka She lost her lower leg in fighting aboard USS Santa Catalina and charged the Grik using a Grik musket for a crutch firing a Blitzerbug one handed and was killed. Major Simon Gutfield of the 3ed Marines was killed trying to rescue Risa [ROB p 402-404.]

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