River of Bones
Author Taylor Anderson
Book Number 13
Published July 10, 2018
Previous Devil's Due
Next Pass of Fire
Cover art River of Bones

River of Bones is the title of Destroyermen book # 13 to be released on July 10, 2018.

Jacket blurbEdit

The crew of a WWII destroyer face their greatest challenge yet as they try to survive in a strange new world in the next thrilling book in the New York Times bestselling series. Commander Matt Reddy and his crew are afraid it may finally be the end of the USS Walker. Ever since their ship was transported to another world, and they became embroiled in a deadly conflict between the Lemurians and the vicious Grik, the Walker has been taking a pounding. With Walker out of commission for repairs, Reddy takes command of a different ship and joins a desperate battle to block the Grik swarm.

Map Africa Theater River of Bones

Map Africa Theater from River of Bones (C) Taylor Anderson used with permission.

Meanwhile, the humans and their allies face a deadly second front in the Republic to the south. All of Reddy's forces are committed, and there's no turning back. Either they'll win--or lose--everything . . .

Map Eastern Theater from River of Bones

Map Eastern Theater from River of Bones (C) Taylor Anderson used with permission.


Recognition Silhouettes Allied Vessels River of Bones

Recognition silhouettes Allied Vessels River of Bones.


RS Enemy Vessels River of Bones

Recognition Silhouettes of Enemy Vessels from River of Bones.

Plot summery here.

Bekiaa crossing the Ungee River by Nestor Menar

Bekiaa crossing the Ungee River by Nestor Menar. Taylor Anderson almost hurt himself laughing at this, enjoy

New Characters introduced in River of Bones Edit

Species Key: [G] = Grik [L] = Lemurian [H] = Human [GEN] = Gentaa

Captain [?] Andreis [H] male taller Impe brown beard and typical Imperial mustache. C Battery eighth New Britain Artillery, [ROB Hb. p. 210.]

Sainaa-Asa, [L] Tallest female Lemurian Alan Letts knew, she was the Project manager Baalkpan Boiler and Steam Engine Works on Gray until others learned enough to replace her. She is a Lieutenant engineering officer on the USS Fitzhugh Gray (CL-1) [ROB Hb. p. 21.]

Toos-Ay-Chil [L] male gtuff looking older cat with brown fur name indicating he was originally from Chill-Chap Ensign XO Mahan then Lt. Commander XO Walker [ROB Hb. p. 248-252]

Captain Flaar-Baa-Ris XO 3rd Marines commander C company 1st First Battalion 3rd Marines a dusky yellow furred cat from Aryaal [ROB Hb. p. 103-104.]

Tiaa-Baari [L] female yellow and tan striped initially a Lieutenant JG later Lt. Commander, Captain then XO, back to Captain of Mahan [ROB Hb. p.248-252.]

Captain [?] Bustros [H] who replaced Ximen in command of the Christian Rebels swelling the ranks of the Vengadores under Colonel Arano Garcia [ROB Hb. p. 68.]

Captain Flaar-Baa-Ris [L] Gutfeld’s XO and commander of C company, 1st battalion, 3rd Marines. Dusky yellow-furred ‘Cat from Aryaal [ROB Hb. p 103-104.]

Rin-Faak-At [L] [M/F?] Captain of USS Raan-Goon [ROB Hb. p 56.]

Seventh General Gookir Messenger of First General Esshk to General of the Sky Muriname. [ROB Hb. page 273]

Oberleuitnant Kurt Hoffman Captain of U-112 and 100 German sailors who defect to the Union. [ROB Hb. p. 432]

Jash [G] male Senior First of One Hundred Taii or Ka’tan (Captain) not quite three years old [ROB Hb. p 1-2] Captain of the Galley

Captain [?] Jasso [H] [M?] Colonel Arano Garcia’s new “co Xo.” of the Vengadores [ROB Hb. p68.]

Sandra Letts [L] female Alan Letts and Karen Theimer Letts adopted Lemurian daughter age about 4 like a human 6-8 year old speaks English without a Lemurian accent [ROB Hb. p 16]

Seech First of One Hundred Taii or Ka’tan (Captain) Close friend of Jash. He is killed by fire from Santa Catalina during the second major naval engagement. He is replaced as First of One Hundred by First of Fifty Naxa.

Seetsi Letts [L] female Alan Letts and Karen Theimer Letts adopted Lemurian daughter still an infant [ROB Hb. p 17]

General Anselmo Mayta [H] male Dom new commander of the Army of God [ROB Hb. p. 69.] first name provided by Taylor Anderson via E-mail ‘Well Done from Walker.’

Naxa is under Jash a Grik officer first seen as a First of Fifty, and later as the First of One Hundred.

Giaan Naak [L] male deputy assemblyperson from Sular, to Allen Letts a pain in the ass. One of those who fled to the Filpin lands. [ROB Hb. p. 18-19]

Lieutenant [?] Robbins [H] male First battalion, twenty-first Imperial marines [ROB Hb. p. 210-211.]

Gaat-Rin [L] last Ensign named on the USS Fitzhugh Gray (CL-1) [ROB Hb. p. 21.] M/F?

Fino-Saal [L] male Torpedo Man First transferred from Walker to Mahan [ROB Hb, p 253.]

Eno-Sab-Raan [L] male cousin of Chak-Sab-At, is the torpedo officer on the USS Fitzhugh Gray (CL-1) [rank ?] [ROB Hb. p. 21.]

Sich’k Hij interrupter dressed in common Hij fashion in a red breechcloth arranged like a dipper and a short red cape with slashing Grik characters painted in black around the hem. Local (Kakag) known to Muriname from visits here and on Zanzibar. [ROB Hb. p. 273.]

Ado-Sin [L] “was a burly gruff looking ‘Cat with dark rusty fur, who looked like a younger Keje-Fris-Ar.” He is Lieutenant Commander and the XO on the USS Fitzhugh Gray (CL-1) [rank ?] [ROB Hb. p. 21.]

Sonia [H] Impi girl Ensign engineering Officer Mahan [ROB Hb. p. 248.]

General Anisk-Talaa [L] [M?] commander of XI Corps of the Army of the Sisters on the Atlantic cost.

Robert Wallace [H] was a blond haired former gunner’s mate on Mahan. He had been in charge of the Department of Experimental Ordinance, but is currently gunnery officer on the USS Fitzhugh Gray (CL-1) [rank ?] [ROB Hb. p. 20-21.

New Vessels introduced in River of Bones Edit

USS Itaa (Lemurian for nose) former Jap/Grik cruiser Yahagi Captain Jarrik-Fas [ROB Hb. p 134]

USS Ris (Lemurian for chin) former Jap/Grik cruiser [ROB Hb. p194]

Slasher the name of Jash’s Grik galley [ROB Hb. p 129]

U-112 German (League of Tripoli) submarine type XIB descriptions [ROB Hb. p 431-432] Captain Oberleuitnant Kurt Hoffman crew 100 German sailors. Oberleuitnant Walbert Fiedler

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