Warning Devil's Due Spoilers
Rank Lieutenant (jg)
Service Pilot on Salissa
American Navy Clan?
Seen Devil's Due
Species Lemurian
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Job Pilot
Zanzibar Objective Outhous Unmodified Map

Objective Outhouse (Zanzibar Island) Note Matt Reddy renamed South point for Saansa.

Lieutenant (jg) from Salissa Saansa-Belkaa pilot of the P-40E sea plane on flight to check Walbert Fiedler's Map. She is killed by League Macchi-Messerschmitt (Me 109 made in Italy with Italian motor) [134-144&145] She radios in a warning of the high performance enemy aircraft, and the fact Fielder's map is accurate. See the Zanzibar map right and note Matthew Reddy's renaming the southern point of Zanzibar for her [154].

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