Seen Distant Thunders
Status Sunk
Type Corvette
Loyalty Grand Alliance
People Lelaa-Tal-Cleraan, CO
Irwin Laumer, supercargo

USS Simms was a converted Grik vessel named for a sailor, Andy Simms, who had died during the Battle of Aryaal.


  • Matthew Reddy dispatched Simms and another former Grik vessel fitted out as a freighter on a dual mission. The first phase was to escort Saan-Kakja aboard Placca-Mar part of the way to Maa-ni-la. The two groups parted west of Mindanao. Simms and the freighter proceeded to Talaud Island.
  • She was ordered to intercept HMS Ajax and was sunk by her. Captain Lelaa-Tal-Cleraan was captured and the crew of her boat the only survivors.
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