WARNING Spoilers through Blood in the Water.
Simon Gutfield
Nickname Simy
Rank Major
Service USMC
Seen River of Bones
Mentioned Deadly Shores character list
Straits of Hell character list
Blood in the Water character list
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job XO first Corps 2nd Division

Simon Gutfield nick name Simy came on S-19 Born in Louisiana, near Shreveport. Physical description: Short, dark-haired, built like a fireplug.

He’d been a “motor mac” on S-19, but like Colonel Billy Flynn, killed in India, he was prior service. In his case, he’s served a hitch in the Marine Corps before joining the Navy—and the Submarine Service, which had fascinated him (and paid more). His size made him a good pig boat sailor, but his shipmates never managed to wash the Marine out of him. Without a sub, he went back doing what he was arguably best at. (See Talk source Facebook PM from Taylor Anderson.)

He is listed in Deadly Shores as Third Marines commander. In Straits of Hell and Blood in the Water he is listed Major XO first Corps 2nd Division.

River of BonesEdit

Simon was part of Task Force Bottle Cap. He commanded the 3rd Marines, was shot twice leg in fighting aboard USS Santa Catalina and was killed trying to Rescue Risa-Sab-At [ROB p 402-404.]

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