Rank Founder of the Sky Priest religion of the Lemurians.
Mentioned Into the Storm and many books beyond.
Species Lemurian
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Job Founding the Sky Priest religion of the Lemurians, Taught written Latin, celestial navigation, collected and wrote Lemurian history, wrote the original Sacred Scrolls and navigation charts (also called scrolls).

Siska-Ta wrote the Original Sacred Scrolls founding the religion of the Lemurians of the Sea, and was the first Sky Priest. She brought the written language Latin and the charts of the Tailless Ones (human crew of three East Indiamen, HEIC ships, transferred in the early 1700s) to the Lemurians. She was taught Latin and Celestial Navigation by James Silas McClain known as Salig-Maa-Stir by the Lemurians. She traveled among the Lemurians spreading her knowledge and adding to the Scrolls and was successful except among some City States like Aryaal and B'mbaado on Java that rejected her teaching.

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