WARNING Spoilers through Straits of Hell.
Sister Audry
Nickname Sis, Santa Madre to the Redentores
Rank Sister later Coronel(?) of Dom Regiment
Service Catholic Church
Seen Maelstrom
Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Species Human
Gender Female
Status living
Job nun, commander of El Vengadores de Deios AKA Regimento de Redentores often shortened to just Redentores
Flag of Regimento de Redentores

The Regimental flag of first Dom Slavdores to enter allied service,it's flag is described [SoH Hb. p 319], fan art by Pokermind. Coronel Audry "Santa Madre"

Sister Audry is a Dutch Benedictine nun. Described as blond haired and pretty. Dinnis Silva calls her Sis Audry or Sis,and the Redentores call her Santa Madre.

In Maelstrom she is of the escorts of the children evacuated on S-19, came through the storm and is rescued by USS Walker where she harps to Captain Matthew Reddy about her charges, All except Rebecca Anne McDonald are sent on an evacuating Lemurian home to north Borno.

In Distant Thunders she converts many Lemurians to the Catholic faith including the former Aryaalian Lord, Koratin. She is among those captured by Walter Billingsly escaping to Yap Island with Dennis Silva by the end of the book.

In Rising Tides they escape Yap Island join Laurence's people fleeing tidal-wave ravaged Tigran Island, and are finally rescued by S-19.

In Firestorm she leaves Maa-Ni-La by plane to Baalkpan where she comforts Pam Cross when Dennis Silva goes AWL. She refuses to divulge where Silva got off the PB-2 Buzzard.

In Iron Gray Sea she is asked to go to the New Briton Isles by the now orphaned Rebecca Ann McDonald now queen to talk to the captured Holy Dominion Slavdores.

In Storm Surge she goes to the New Briton Isles,and begins her work with the captured Doms. Reporting on Progress.

In Deadly Shores she brings Teniente of Slavdore Arano Garcia to meet with Rebecca Ann McDonald who forms a Regiment of former Doms under Sister Audry's command and

In Straits of Hell the new El Vengadores de Deios Regimento de Redentores, often shortened to just Regimento de Redentores or even just Redentores in the book, arrive to lift the Siege of Fort Defiance. Sister Aubry is shocked when the Redentores begin calling her Santa Madre.

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