Stanley Dobson
Nickname Dobbin
Rank Transferred USS Walker as a Shipfitter (class?)

Chief Boatswain's Mate Santa Catalina
Chief Boatswain's Mate USS Savoie

Service USN
American Navy Clan Navy
Seen Into the Storm
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Mentioned Devil's Due Santa Catalina crew list
River of Bones Santa Catalina crew list
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Living

Warning spoilers through River of Bones.

Stanley Dobson "Dobbin' Shipfitter (class?) is from (?) [Ms Pb. p. 205]. Later Chief Boatswain's Mate USS Santa Catalina CAP-1.

In River of Bones he is not seen when I E-Mailed Taylor Anderson he noted to keep the wordcount what the publisher wanted he had to cut all the places where he continued repairing the ship, and that he had survived with the rest of the ships crew and transferred to USS Savoie.

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