There are a number of support vessels in the American/Lemurian Alliance. Most of these vessels were built in the alternate world, although a few were other ships of the original world that were displaced like the USS Walker.

Cargo VesselsEdit

Both of the cargo vessels came from the original world that USS Walker came from. The USS Catalina was a cargo vessel discovered by the American/Lemurian Alliance, while the Mizuki-Maru was a former Japanese "Hell Ship" transporting Allied prisoners-of-war to Japan when it was transported to the alternate world.

  • USS Santa Catalina - Lt. Michael "Mikey" Monk (Human), Engineering Officer Lt (jg) Dean Laney (Human)
  • Mizuki-Maru - Lord Commander Sato Okada (Human), Executive Officer Lt. Hiro (Human)


Both oilers were constucted in the alternate world.

  • USS Pecos
  • USS Pucot

Ammunition ShipEdit

The Ammunition ship was constructed in the alternate world.

  • USS Pinaa-Tubo - Lt. Radaa-Nin (Lemurian)