Tagranesi (also, now, known as Sa'aarans) are a separate race of Grik, although they are still considered the same species, who reside on Targan island. They are friendly with the Grand Alliance. 

They share many similarities with their cousins. They sport mostly short fur with varying patterns (most similar to that of a tiger), and a few feathers. They are also often slightly smaller and lighter in stance than their distant relatives, but are still considered just as physically dangerous.

Their young show naturally aggressive behaviors shortly after birth, and this continues until maturity. The males must prove their maturity in a rite of passage once they are old enough, after which they are granted citizenship among the rest of the Tagranesi. Lawrence, the most notable of the Tagranesi, was found while returning home from his own passage.

It's also told by Princess Rebecca Ann that the Empire has had diplomatic relationships with the Tagranesi before. Although they do not remain close, they are not hostile towards one another, but often see little of the other.

Encounter with the Grand Alliance Edit

They originally resided on the remote island of Tagran. After a tsunami that resonated from the Island of Talaud, which was the result of a massive volcanic eruption that wiped out the West Pacific that many destroyermen from the USS Walker equated to Krakatoa, it was the Tagranesi who suffered the most. Many were ordered off the island by their queen, in an order of population/damage control, aboard sailing craft resembling Proas. They were rescued by the crew of S-19, shortly after their own evacuation of the island of Talaud, after a secondary tidal wave capsized the Tagranesi fleet, losing most provisions and thinning their numbers further. After the ordeal they were granted refuge by Saan-Kakja, high chief of the Fil-pin lands, on the Fil-pin island of Samar (Sa'aaran in the Tagranesi language) with its suggested leader Chinakru. Some now refer to them as "Sa'aarans". In gratitude they offered assistance in any way they can to the war effort against the Grik however they are very low in population, due to the recent catastrophe, yet they still beg to assist by any means necessary to repay their gratitude.  

As of yet it is unknown of the fate of the original Tagranesi and their former queen who reside on their former home island. 

Notable members of the Tagranesi (Sa'aarans): Edit

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