Talaud Island
Seen Maelstrom

Distant Thunders

Rising Tides

Type Island
Location South of the Fil-pin Islands
Inhabitants None

Talaud Island was an island located south of the Fil-pin Islands.

Key EventsEdit


Lokasi Sulawesi Utara Kabupaten Kepulauan Talaud by Ewesewes

The Talaud Islands of our world showing location from Wikipedia

Talaud Island was the place where S-19 washed ashore. It was the temporary home of the crew of S-19, Rebecca Anne McDonald, Sean O'Casey and a number of refugees who had sought transportation on S-19. Matthew Reddy and the crew of Walker found S-19 and all the people while searching for the "iron fish."

Distant ThundersEdit

Reddy sent Lieutenant Irwin Laumer to refloat S-19 if possible or to salvage her if not. The S-19 was salvaged.

Rising Tides Edit

The island's volcano eventually blew itself up, destroying the island with it.

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