Warning Spoilers through Pass of Fire.
The Chooser
Rank The Chooser
Service Grik
Seen Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Pass of Fire
Species Grik
Gender Male
Status Decesed
Relationships General Esshk partner in power grab
Job chooses those who live or die

The Chooser is the name and title taking by the male who chooses who is to die among hatchlings and elderly in the royal household. There are many choosers but only one The Chooser. A political supporter of General Esshk he has ambitions of his own.

Introduced in Distant Thunders, The Chooser is not a general, warrior, nor even physically imposing, but he does wield power.  All Choosers supposedly possess the ability to select which hatchlings will make warriors, craftsmen and even higher caste hij, but as The Chooser in the royal household he can approve the selection of a princess to become the next Celestial Mother.

The Chooser appears to be cowardly and prone to fits of panic, thus he is not seen as a threat.  His panic is seen several times when things have gone against the Grik, but is also seen in River of Bones.  When the Swarm gathering on Lake Nalak is discovered by allied aircraft, he laments, “Surprise is lost.”  It is General Esshk who reassures him, “Complete surprise may be lost, but not its scope or timing.  And I do not think it will matter now.”  

The Chooser is also very adept in the Machiavellian intrigues at court and his insight enabled him to back General Esshk.  More importantly, he provides the First General with suggestions that planted the idea of Esshk becoming Regent Champion and becoming the real power in the Grik Empire.  Currently, The Chooser could be considered a power behind the throne.  He has cultivated his close relationship with General Esshk and believes them to be a team.  He has even admitted to General Esshk that choosers do not truly have the ability to select which hatchlings will make good warriors or be eaten.  Their true purpose is to maintain the social order of the Grik Empire.

As subservient as The Chooser appears to be to General Esshk, he has proven himself to be a survivor.  This begs the question, will The Chooser continue to be satisfied with his relationship with General Esshk, will he change his loyalties to someone else, or will he attempt to take the reins of power for himself.  Whatever The Chooser decides to do, you can be assured that it will be one that is in his own best interest. 

In Pass of Fire he dies in fight after capture of the Celestial Mother II killed by General Esshk's agents. [POF Hb. p. 412] 

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