Warning Spoilers through Devil's Due.

Toryu Miyata
Rank Lieutenant
Service Imperial Japanese Navy
Seen Firestorm
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Blood in the Water
Mentioned Straits of Hell
Devil's Due
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Living

Toru Miyata served on the Amagi. After the transit to the alternate Earth,

In Firestorm he was assigned to an operation in southern Africa to convince the people their to join the Grik He and other Japanese conceived a plan to expend the Grik members of their party by exposing them to cold. After a fight, he was the only survivor of the mission. He was near death when rescued by men speaking English and German.

In Iron Gray Sea he is given a tour of Alex-aandra where he warns the Republic of Real people not to ally with the Grik.

In Storm Surge they met the crew of Donaghey.

In Deadly Shores the SMS Amerika is repaired and he meets Matthew Reddy. And later joins Dennis Silva on a raid on the Celestial Palace where he is wounded.

In Blood in the Water he and Arnold Horn talk prior to Horn's accompanying Sandra Reddy to Savoie

In Devil's Due he is mentioned as Alan Letts' choice for Captain of the USS Fitzhugh Gray.

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