Seen River of Bones
Status Afloat
Type German type XI U-Boat
Loyalty German League of Tripoli, defects to Union
People Oberleuitnant Walbert Fiedler 100 German Sailors
Type XI B U Boat

Proposed German type XI U-Boat from our time line, keel laid but never finished.

German (League of Tripoli) submarine type XIB descriptions [ROB Hb. p 431-432] Captain Oberleuitnant Kurt Hoffman crew 100 German sailors. Oberleuitnant Walbert Fiedler is put aboard by Capitine de Fregate Victor Gravois the almost out of fuel and food U-boat surrenders to USS Walker under the command of Brad McFarlane.

Armed with 6 torpedo tubes (4 forward, 2 aft), 2 twin 117-mm (5-inch) turrets, 2 30-mm AA guns, and 2 20-mm AA guns. Maximum surface speed: 25 knots. Originally equipped with a hangar for a reconnaissance float plane, but the space is currently used as an auxiliary fuel tank.

Only 4 such submarines were ever buit in the world the League has come from, as the design was deemed flawed. As such, the League has few spare parts for the U-112 and considers it expendable.

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