WARNING Devil's Due Spoilers.
USS Fitzhugh Gray
Seen Devil's Due
Status still working up
Type CL or light crusier
Loyalty American Navy Clan
People Commander Toryu Miyata Captain
Dazle USS Fitzhugh Gray CL 1

CL-1 Fitshugh Gray is in the Dazzle paint scheme.

USS Fitzhugh Gray, CL-1, is the first cruiser constructed by the Alliance. She is a considerably upscaled version of USS Walker and is named after Chief Bosun's Mate and Chief Bosun of the Navy Fitzhugh Gray, killed in the battle for the Celestial Palace at Grik City. She is 440 feet long with a beam of 45 feet. Her propulsion consists of 3 x Walker power plants(turbines) driving three screws, with 8 x Walker style boilers giving a maximum speed of about 28 knots. Her main armament is 3 x twin 5.5” guns, two on the bow and one on the aft deckhouse.  Her secondaries are 5 x 4-inch/50 DP guns, one each beam on the amidships deckhouse, another pair in tubs on either side of the aft two funnels, and one on the fantail. Anti-aircraft armament consists of 6 x twin .50-cal machine guns. Other armament is 2 x quad 21" torpedo tubes on either side just forward of her second pair of 4-inch/50 DP guns, and 2 x stern racks and 6 x Y-guns for 40-60 Mk 6 depth charges, as anti-mountain fish and anti-submarine weapons.

Her Captain is Commander Toryu Miyata who joined US Navy Clan after SMS Amerika was sunk, because he is the only officer with recent experience on a cruiser, IJN Amagi.

She was damaged during trials and needed a month-long rebuild, but after this, in River of Bones, she is sent to join First Fleet at the mouth of the Zambezi River. At this point the League of Tripoli submarine U-112 surrenders to her.

Revised Alliance CL USS Gray by Lou Schirmer aka Loupy

This is a revised version of the USS Gray, based on the silhouette done by Taylor Anderson.

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