Has anyone noticed that Canada is becoming less and less of a country by itself? Americanism has led to massive changes in the way that Canada works. think about it. all the times we might have been better than the states, they have intervened and prevented us. think about the Avro arrow. this once great plane was 25 years into the future. The US had not even achieved Mach 2 yet, and this jet had the possibility of reaching Mach 3! so why then, the plane that would have made Canada a rich country, have all works of blueprints, and the planes destroyed? The US also intervened. the US defense prime minister talked to Diefenbaker, and caused him to cancel the Avro arrow program. coincidence much? and also, Canada seems to be turning into a horrible country.

---Due to certain comments, i have chosen to clarify on the avro arrow. The Avro Arrow would have made a massive profit on sales to foreign copuntries, which would genrally have overturned the cost to sale ratio. thank you for your opinions!

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